What happened after I shared my menopause story?

Adelle Martin sharing her story with the BBC as part of Menopause Awareness Month

What has happened after I shared my Menopause Story on Friday 29th October?

Women Sharing Their Stories

I have been inundated with women and men who sent me messages of thanks for sharing my story, including workplaces and businesses asking me to speak. 

Women said “after watching my story they now recognise menopause” and women who said, “they know they are going through menopause but struggling to get help”. I did not expect to receive so much thanks and support.

So, I spent Saturday and Sunday responding to every comment, message and calling women to help them directly.

Menopause Awareness Month

October was Menopause Awareness Month, and I was focused on raising the work of Carolyn Harris and The All Party Parliamentary Group on Menopause who provide a platform to tackle the lack of understanding around menopause.

I even had a World Menopause Day Party to celebrate and raise awareness of the Menopause (Support and Services) Bill going for its second reading on 29th October. Take a look at what happened at our party!

The outcome was – read the BBC Summary

  • The cost of repeatable HRT prescriptions will be cut
  • Move set to save women who rely on HRT hundreds of pounds per year
  • New government Menopause Taskforce to be co-chaired by Minister for Women’s Health, Maria Caulfield and Carolyn Harris MP

It was so much fun to finally meet and celebrate with my fellow Menopause Warriors in Parliament Square with lots of photo opportunities.

Adelle sharing menopause story

Thank You

There are so many people to say thank you to – these are my key ones 

  • Carolyn Harris & The All Parliamentary Group on Menopause along with my own MP Tracey Crouch who have given us a voice
  • Helen Catt and BBC Politics for sharing my story so sensitively
  • To all the amazing Menopause Warriors including Dr Nighat Arif and Penny Lancaster who allowed me to take a photo with them
  • To my own Doctor who has supported me

Finally, to Elizabeth and Clare from Pausitivity #KnowYourMenopause Poster Campaign for your tenacity, determination and ongoing support for me personally… 

From Awareness to Action

So as October draws to a close and I move from Menopause Awareness to Menopause Action by continuing to:

  • Speak to women at events and in the workplace to raise awareness
  • Coach Business and Corporate women to manage their menopause by building a strong body
  • Sharing what Carolyn Harris and the APG and new Menopause Workforce are doing
  • Continue to champion the other Menopause Warriors 


Despite being scared to share my story I did it anyway. But by sharing my menopause story I have helped many other women share their menopause story…

Watch my video for my personal reflection on what happened since I shared my story…


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Adelle Martin – Executive MidLife Coach and Founder of The Menopause Resilience System™