How to Manage Menopause Digestive Problems as a Business Woman

Managing digestion problems as a Business Woman is uncomfortable and frustrating. As our hormones start to decline and fluctuate we are likely to start experiencing digestive problems […]

How to Manage Menopause Mood Swings as a Business Woman

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How to Manage Menopause Hot Flushes as a Business Woman

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What happened after I shared my menopause story?

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Leading through a new type of “change” | Menopause

The Business Woman’s Menopause Leading through a new type of change – the menopause! Did you know that we are the first generation of women managing menopause […]

Panic Disorder and Our Hormonal Changes

Panic disorder or panic attacks are an unnerving and an upsetting symptom of PeriMenopause and Menopause. Women are twice as likely to suffer from panic disorder as […]

Allergies and Our Hormonal Changes

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Night Sweats and Our Hormonal Changes

Night sweats are similar to the hot flushes that we may experience through the day. They can range from mild to excessive sweating. They are in fact […]

Tingling Extremities and Our Hormonal Changes

Static electric shocks, tingling extremities, and pins and needles may all be experienced and affect feet, legs, arms and hands. Not what you want really but this […]

Headaches and Our Hormonal Changes

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