Our Story – Young Menopause

Sarah's Story

Sarah shares her young menopause view and having the opportunity to talk about it in The Women in Business Midlife Club.

Sarah’s Video

Sarah’s Words

Initially, it’s really understanding the menopause, because it’s not something that we really learn about. So it’s a subject that people don’t often talk about, especially being a younger woman. There hasn’t been an opportunity to really talk about it and not knowing where to go other than knowing that there are hot flushes. But the opportunity of working with Adelle is helping to understand and learn more about the menopause. How it affects you and understanding that actually you don’t have to just allow yourself to succumb to it. But there are things you can do to manage it better and prevent certain ailments. And so you feel much more empowered and in control“.

My Words

Thank you to Sarah for sharing her story and how The Women in Business MidLife Club has helped her to build a Strong Body and Business.

Are you a Business Woman who wants to manage Menopause before it impacts you? Or are you struggling with Menopause today and don’t know where to start to manage it?

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