Our Story – My Menopause Why

Adelle Martin with standing in the gym and the office

My Menopause Why and why as an accredited Menopause Coach & Personal Trainer I help the first generation of Business Women manage their Menopause by teaching them to build a Strong Body using my own Menopause Resilience System™


I had an early menopause aged 40 at a key point in my corporate career and business. At the time I was misdiagnosed with chronic stress and exhaustion.

Not happy with the diagnosis I pushed back explaining “it’s more than stress, I’m so confused and broken”.  I had always been resilient, so why this time when being knocked down, did I not get back up again!

Being so exhausted by the experience I took four months away from my career. I wanted to understand what happened to me so I could get stronger and back to my well-deserved career in the boardroom.


Watch my video to hear the full story….


If you want to have discussion about your PeriMenopause or Menopause then book your Discovery Consultation using this link. The session includes The Menopause Resilience Assessment, then based on the results and our discussion you receive your Menopause Resilience Prescription™ to help you build a strong body to manage your menopause and beyond.

Adelle Martin – Accredited Menopause Coach & Personal Trainer | Founder of The Menopause Resilience System™