Our Story – Menopause Tips

Adelle Martin leading through a new type of change the menopause

Menopause Tips. I share my Top 3 Tips for managing my own Menopause alongside running my family and leading my businesses…


“For me it is about Ownership, Consistency and It’s Ok not to be Ok”.

So I created My MidLife Resilience System™ to help Business Women manage their Menopause by teaching them to build a Strong Body.

With a misdiagnosed early Menopause as anxiety I was forced to take time off from my Career and Business. I needed to understand what had happened to me and how I could manage my Menopause!

I did not want to choose between my Menopause or well-earned Career and Business! Therefore using my research I developed My MidLife Resilience System™ to get me “back to business” by managing my menopause…


Are you a Business Woman who wants to manage Menopause before Menopause manages you?

Then book a 45 minute Complimentary Consultation which includes My MidLife Resilience Assessment™ to help you understand the impact of your hormonal changes. Then together we create a plan for you to manage your menopause, building a Strong Body to “Keep You in Business Through Your Hormonal Changes“…

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