Our Story – Menopause Community

Our story menopause community

Menopause Community. Sadie and Sarah share their story on being part of a Community with other Business and Corporate Women.


It’s a really good opportunity for women that are going through the journey to come together. You don’t feel that you’re on your own. Each of us are dealing with things differently and being able to share that with other women can help. I’ve been able to offer advice and I’ve taken advice from other women as well. It’s a really good opportunity to make new friends and share our experiences”


“It’s been so nice to be in a supportive club. A supportive group of ambitious and entrepreneurial women. Including younger women as well. I thought of menopause as older women with grey hair, it’s not at all! The Club is a really supportive caring community”


Thank you to Sadie and Sarah for sharing your story about menopause community and how The Women in Business MidLife Club and The MidLife Resilience System have helped you take control of your hormonal changes and manage your menopause.

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