Our Story – Managing Your Menopause

Sadie shares how she manages her menopause

Managing Your Menopause. Sadie shares her story on managing her menopause…


For me, it’s understanding about your body. The importance of what you put in your body. How you move and exercise including how you sleep. Ultimately once you’ve got your body right, your mind then follows and helps to build your confidence. This all enables you to interact better with yourself, your family and friends. If you are a Business or Corporate Women it gives you a confidence and strength.”


Thank you to Sadie for sharing your story about managing your menopause and how The Women in Business MidLife Club and The MidLife Resilience System have helped you take control of your hormonal changes and building your confidence and strength.

Are you a Business Woman who wants to manage Menopause before it impacts you? Or are you struggling with Menopause today and don’t know where to start to manage it?

Then book a 45 minute Complimentary Consultation which includes My MidLife Resilience Assessment© to help you understand the impact of your hormonal changes. Then together we create a plan for you to manage your menopause building a Strong Body to “Keep You in Business Through Your Hormonal Changes“…

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