Our Story – Managing Menopause

Sadie shares how she manages her menopause

Managing Menopause. Sadie shares her story on how she manages menopause…


“The approach I use managing menopause has four elements. Your body, mind, relationships and also business. So it’s very much having that balance of all four. There is interconnectivity amongst all the elements, but ultimately it is your own individual journey guided by Adelle”


Thank you to Sadie for sharing your story and how The Women in Business MidLife Club and The MidLife Resilience System© have helped you manage your menopause rather than menopause manage you…

Are you a Business Woman who wants to manage menopause before it manages you?

Then book a 45 minute Complimentary Consultation  which includes My MidLife Resilience Assessment© to help you understand the impact of your hormonal changes. Then together we create a plan for you to manage your menopause building a Strong Body to “Keep You in Business Through Your Hormonal Changes“…

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Our Story|Managing Menopause

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