Monday Motivation - Myself and Menopause

 “At 50, I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself.” Maya Angelou

Myself and Menopause… Last week I launched my Pilot Live Workshop to “Keep Women in Business Through Hormonal Changes & Business Growth“…

It was an absolute privilege to listen to the stories of these women as I coached them through the workshop. They shared how they have managed and even struggled with their hormonal changes alongside running their businesses and families…

Towards the end of the week our discussion focused on “finding themselves” both at home and in business. They talked about feeling stronger and negotiating “new terms” both at home and in their businesses which they found so empowering…

The discussion prompted me to find one of my favourite quotes by Maya Angelou. This quote resonated with me as I turned 50 in 2020 as a PostMenopausal Woman with a Strong Body and Strong Business to “Keep Other Women in Business Through Hormonal Changes & Business Growth” with My MidLife Resilience System

How are you waking up to yourself?

Adelle Martin – Founder of The Women in Business MidLife Club – Keeping Women in Business Through Their Hormonal Changes & Business Growth

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