My MidLife Resilience System

My MidLife Resilience System – Keeping Women in Business Through Their Hormonal Changes & Business Growth

What is the MidLife Resilience System – it is an holistic approach providing  you with the skills and knowledge to can manage your hormonal changes so you can continue to lead Yourself, Family and Business through your hormonal changes and personal growth…

  • One “Eco-System” that focuses on your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Personal Wellbeing.
  • Four Simple Frameworks” so you understand how you will change during your “MidLife-Journey”.
  • Supported by “12 holistic principles” to enable you to manage your PeriMenopause, Menopause & PostMenopausal Transition so you will be able to:
    • Body | Feel Stronger
    • Mind | Think Clearly
    • Relations | Manage Relationships
    • Leadership | Take Ownership
“A Philosophy not Programme” to Keep Women in Business Through Their Hormonal Changes & Business Growth…
Midlife Resilience System

What is The Women in Business MidLife Club – it is an Inspiring Community of Women In Business...

  • The purpose of the Club is to provide Women In Business with the skills and knowledge through to take ownership of their PeriMenopause and Menopause Transition so they can continue to lead Themselves, Family and Business through their hormonal changes and personal growth.
  • Our Club Values:
    • Coaching
    • Connection
    • Communication
    • Caring
Take Ownership of your PeriMenopause & Menopause Transition
Keeping Women in Business Through Their Hormonal Changes & Business Growth


  • “The Women in Business MidLife Club” on a Private Intranet Site & Smart Phone App with access to all resources
  • 90 Day Action Planner to create your MidLife Resilience System Goals based on your assessments
  • Weekly Club CheckIn Email with key messages from the week


  • Connect with other Club Members and grow your network and business on your desktop or the app
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Networking Session via Video with Expert Guests, Club Member Business Talk, My Club Update & Networking
  • Connect with Club Members via private message option
  • Create your own groups within the app & desktop


  • Personal Coaching Sessions via video to agree Coaching Plans and Review Progress with initial 90 minutes
    • Club Membership: Monthly 45 mins Session with Club App Personal Support
    • Diamond Club: BiWeekly 60 mins Session with WhatsApp Personal Support and Monthly MasterMind
    • Diamond Club +: Weekly 60 mins Session with Direct Access Support and Personalised Plans
  • MidLife Resilience Framework Live Masterclasses with current research & trending topics
  • Daily Club Coaching Boosts Video on the MidLife Resilience Framework


  • MidLife Resilience Assessment to understand where your are on your PeriMenopause | Menopause Transition
  • Capped Club Membership to ensure you are cared for…
  • Resources and Coaching designed with you in mind – An ambitious busy Woman in Business
  • All delivered through platforms on both desktop and app – Away from Social Platforms!

Listen to Sadie Gough | Mindset & Confidence Coach

Listen to Sarah Yuk Lan | Transformational Coach