MidLife Resilience System

What is the MidLife Resilience System?

The MidLife Resilience System was developed by me in response to my own early menopause and midlife changes which I really struggled to manage and understand due to limited information including my own reluctance to get help whilst working in a Senior Role in the City during the financial crisis.

I created my “holistic” system to help Executive Women navigate through the mental, physical and emotional¬† changes so they can manage their changing bodies and menopause with confidence alongside their Career, Business and Family Life.

You will receive Executive Coaching which focuses on your Mind, Body, Relationships and Career/Business Wellbeing together with the best way to manage them all so you can thrive and grow with confidence. 

What I do:

With my Coaching and your application of my MidLife Resilience System you will understand why and how your body is changing, what action you need to take to manage those changes – so you can Think Clearly, Feel Stronger, Manage Relationships while Building Your Career/Business.


How I can help you:

Over the past 8 years I have used my own experience and those of other women to develop my unique approach to managing our changing bodies called the MidLife Resilience System. This forms the foundation of my programmes developing goals and actions on your Mental, Physical, Emotional & Business/Career Wellbeing.


Our system provides tailored content to help and educate with masterclasses, curated material direct to your inbox and a member only section containing key resources


Private Facebook group (Fearless Women for Women) where women can share stories and encourage each other. Women inspiring women is a powerful thing understanding you are not alone in what you are dealing with


Personal coaching using my Menopause Resilience System working together to create Menopause Resilience Plan for you to be the best version of yourself by developing realistic and sustainable activities so you can thrive and grow into the life you want during the menopause


I care about you