Menopause made me disappear…

Adelle Martin sharing her story with the BBC as part of Menopause Awareness Month

I agreed to share my story with the BBC Politics reporter Helen Catt as part of the coverage for the Menopause (Support and Services) Bill on 29th October. Helen and her team did a brilliant job at capturing my story on behalf of all the other women in the UK and around the world.

I met Helen later that day when I was supporting the rally in Parliamentary Square, with my other Menopause Warriors. We all agreed it was a great outcome and a big step forward for menopause.

Since my story was shared by the BBC, I have received so many messages from women sharing their experience. So, by me sharing my personal story I encouraged women to share theirs and reaching out for help.

Such a privilege to be part of this campaign with amazing women supporting amazing women.

Click here to read the full BBC article and news report –


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Adelle Martin – Executive MidLife Coach and Founder of The Menopause Resilience System™