Memory Lapses and Our Hormonal Changes

Women suffering with memory loss

Are you suffering with memory lapses? Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what you went in there for? Perhaps you just can’t find your mobile phone or car keys, when you always leave them in the same place.

Did you know that studies show that some 60 percent of Women in PeriMenopause and Menopause, suffer with memory lapses and poor concentration.

For Women in Business suffering with memory lapses, it can be extremely frustrating, with 51% of women reporting they take time away from their business or career due to PeriMenopausal and Menopausal symptoms.


To get through my memory lapses, procrastination and lack of concentration I named my brain Bob! Why – so I could call upon Bob when I needed extra reinforcements…

So I would like to introduce you to Bob. He helps me to remember why I entered a room, where I left my phone and even the names of my own family, friends and colleagues.


It is a drop in our hormone levels, that is responsible for our memory and concentration problems. Our Central Nervous System, which includes our brain, contains oestrogen receptors. The hippocampus in our complex brain structure has a major role in learning and memory.

The efficiency of the hippocampus is impacted by oestrogen levels and fluctuations. As a result, we can experience:

  • short-term memory problems
  • taking longer to learn new things
  • difficulty in maintaining concentration levels
  • struggle with planning or procrastination

In addition to oestrogen impacting our brain, stress levels can also impact the efficiency of our hippocampus. This is due to elevated levels of cortisol circulating through our central nervous system and hippocampus. Chronic stress can impair our executive functions, such as short term memory, planning, and attention.

As a consequence we have to prioritise our Brain Health. Above all, this helps us Think Clearly as we enter our PeriMenopause and Menopause transition.


The key is to get outside our comfort zone. We need to force our brain to create more neural pathways for new experiences. We also need to eat to enhance the performance of both our MidLife-Body and MidLife-Brain.

Memory, learning, planning and concentration are four things we needs as Women In Business, in abundance ! So, using my MidLife Resilience System will help to minimise the occurrence of memory lapses, as we move through our hormonal changes and business growth.


  • Food – Eat foods rich in brain friendly nutrients, lean protein and essential fats.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – Important for treating memory loss as they have been found to enhance memory and improve recall time. Found in flax seeds, cold-water fish.
  • Vitamins B6, B9, B12 – Important for cognitive performance and focus. Deficiencies may contribute to poor memory and higher risk of dementia in menopausal women.
  • Vitamin D  Deficiencies may lead to faster memory decline and reduced thinking abilities.
  • Move – Daily movement releases serotonin, dopamine & endorphins, which stimulate the brain.
  • Sleep – A healthy sleep schedule is important aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep – sleep is where the magic happens.
  • Water Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Your brain needs it to function efficiently and clear “brain fog”.


It is important that we manage our stress levels to avoid a prolonged chronic state.

  • Calm – We devote our energy to what’s going on around us, including family, friends, work and the wider world. Therefore it’s important to take time-out to reflect and reconnect with ourselves with a calming activity.
  • Clarity – Create lists. The simple act of writing things down is a great memory aid. Keep key tasks in your diary or planner to reference during the day.
  • Brain Training – Learn something new. For example, a new language, a new activity or even a musical instrument. Take on a new business project that will take you out of your comfort zone.


60 percent of Women in PeriMenopause and Menopause suffer with memory lapses and poor concentration.

It is a drop in our hormone levels, that is responsible for our memory and concentration problems. Chronic stress can also impair our executive functions, such as short term memory, planning, and attention.

Use my MidLife Resilience Coaching Boost below or watch my Video to help manage your memory lapses by focusing on Food, Movement, Sleep and Selfcare. Challenging your brain to keep your mind active and alert, so you Feel Stronger through your hormonal changes.  


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