How to Manage Uncomfortable Menopause Bloating as a Business Woman

Bloating & Our Hormonal Changes

As Business Women, suffering with the “bloated feeling” it can feel uncomfortable and frustrating when trying to squeeze into clothes that actually fitted last week yes I can see you nodding in agreement with me!

Then our internal critic starts talking to us with “we need to lose weight again to get back into that dress”. When actually we are suffering with Bloating and not weight gain.

Did you know that up to 60% of women are impacted by bloating as their hormones decline and fluctuate

The impact of bloating, in addition to the other 39 changes can be particularly challenging. With 51% of Women taking time off from their business due to their symptoms. Then unnecessarily 32% of Women sell their business as the impact of their symptoms become too much to manage along with everything else.

This is why I created The Menopause Resilience System® to help Business Women “Stay in Business” and Be Smart, Sassy & Stronger through Menopause.


How could the food I have always eaten suddenly make me feel bloated and heavy? Why when going out for a meal would I feel uncomfortable and “fat” for days? I even struggled at times having an upset stomach to add to the misery of bloating.

Then each morning I faced the tricky decision of what to wear at home, the gym and at work that would cover my bloated stomach and still make me feel good!


Bloating usually occurs right at the start of our hormonal changes. It could even be one of the first symptoms we notice! It causes us to feel extreme fullness, tightness, or swelling in our abdomen. Looking back now with my knowledge of the “menopause transitions” this was definitely one of the first of “The 40 Changes Over 40” to impact me so personally.

Your body is a finely tuned machine and the finest system within it is the digestive system. This system is affected by hormonal decline and fluctuations. Therefore this leads to stomach upsets such as being bloated, indigestion, constipation and diarrhoea. It is only recently that we are becoming aware of how much our digestive system is impacted by the change in our oestrogen levels.

Oestrogen is responsible for many functions in our bodies including keeping our cortisol levels low. Cortisol is a hormone that is associated with stress and when oestrogen declines, cortisol levels rise.

This can slow down the digestive process. Therefore increasing the amount of time it takes for food to break down. This can then make it more difficult for us to manage our food in the digestive process.

Too little progesterone can cause the colon to slow down. The longer food waste remains in your colon, the dryer it gets. Stools also tend to be dryer when oestrogen and progesterone levels are low.

Constipation is also common in menopause. When you are constipated, it can be really difficult to completely void your bowels and you may be uncomfortable or have an overall sluggish feeling for days even weeks.


Bloating can start whilst you are peri-menopausal and continue beyond menopause. The complexity of managing Bloating as a Business Woman can be particularly challenging – so use The Menopause Resilience System ®  solutions below to help manage Bloating:


  • Timing – Chew your food slowly. Do not leave more than 4 hours between meals to manage your blood sugar levels to limit the release of stress hormones. No less than 3 hours between meals to allow your digestive system to time to absorb the nutrients.
  • Food – Have a balanced meal plan including protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruit and complex carbohydrates. Include sauerkraut, kimchi, chia seeds and kombucha. Keep a diary or consider an intolerance test to identify any triggers.
  • Water – Keep hydrated and drink at least 2 litres a day. This will help the food pass through the digestive system smoothly.
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics – To ensure that you have the right balance to keep your gut healthy as abnormal levels can lead to bloating.
  • Fibre – To cleanse the colon, encourage regular bowel movements and help move food through the digestive system.


  • Calm – Manage your stress levels as the digestive system is very sensitive to the stress hormones which can trigger bloating.
  • Move – Exercise is required to get your system moving including the digestive system which will help with bloating.

Watch The Business Woman’s Coaching Boost below to help manage bloating, with the focus on Food, Movement and Self-Care so you can Be Smart, Sassy and Stronger through Menopause.


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Adelle Martin – Accredited Menopause Strength Coach & Professional Bodybuilder| Founder of The Menopause Resilience Club™
Helping Business Women Be Smart, Sassy and Stronger through Menopause

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