Keeping Women In Business

Women in Business

Keeping Women In Business has always been at the heart of who I am. As the The Executive MidLife Coach and Founder of The Women in Business MidLife Club my Mission is to:

  • Ensure all Women in Business understand why and how their body is responding to their hormonal changes…
  • Provide them with the skills and knowledge to take ownership of their hormonal changes so they can continue to lead Themselves, Family and Business through change and growth…

Why Keep Women In Business

I had my menopause aged 40 at a key point in my city career and business. I worked hard for both, completing my MBA the year of my menopause! My menopause was misdiagnosed as anxiety and stress due to my workload during the last financial crisis.

So I decided to take four months off to understand what happened to me so I could get stronger and back to my career and business. Read my full story.

As I started to understand what happened to me I realised I was not alone. I found countless surveys about the impact of hormonal changes on women. The alarming data for me was that:

  • 51% of women take time out of their business
  • 32% of women consider leaving or selling their business impacting them financially

It was tough reading as I was one of the 51% and came close to being part of the 32%. Even more interesting is that only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female. This is a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing businesses.

To close that gap women really do need to “Stay In Business” through their hormonal changes – so this is WHY I Keep Women In Business Through Change & Growth

How Do I Keep Women in Business Through Change & Growth

Our bodies start to change as we pass the age of 40. These changes are triggered by our hormone decline and fluctuations. From my research I established there are 40 changes to accept as we transition through PeriMenopause, Menopause and PostMenopause. All these changes have the potential consequence of taking us away from our businesses along with the personal impact on us and our families…

To provide women in business with the knowledge and skills to manage the 40 changes I created the MidLife Resilience System. It is one “Eco-System” that focuses on our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Personal Wellbeing. It contains “Four Simple Frameworks” which are:

  • MidLife-Body | Feel Stronger
  • MidLife-Mind | Think Clearly
  • MidLife-Relations | Manage Relationships
  • MidLife-Leadership | Take Ownership

The frameworks are supported by “12 holistic principles” to enable us to manage our PeriMenopause, Menopause and PostMenopausal Transition.

Keeping Women in Business in 2021

Each week throughout 2021 I will share one of the “40 Changes To Accept Over 40” with solutions from my MidLife Resilience System to “Keep Women In Business”. I will share through blogs, videos and an exciting new project “The Keep Women In Business Show” ahead of International Women’s Day in March…

Monthly I will be running a Complimentary Webinar for women in business to understand more about the 40 Changes. It includes my personal MidLife Resilience Assessment to complete along with a taster from my Feel Stronger|Food and Exercise Plans. Click here to register for the January Session…

It is World Menopause Day on the 18th October and I will be planning some exciting events with my fellow peers – we call ourselves the “MenoJet’s” so save the date…

My Final Thoughts

How do I know if I am “Keeping Women in Business Through Change & Growth”? I want to see these “3 Numbers” improve:

  • 51% of women take time out of their business
  • 32% of women consider leaving or selling their business impacting them financially
  • 33% of UK women are entrepreneurs

To keep updated follow #keepwomeninbusiness across social media platforms, read my blogs and join my webinars. This time next year I want to report an improvement in those numbers and share the stories of real women who “stayed in business”

As Mahatma Gandhi quotes Be the Change You Wish To See in the World

Adelle Martin – Executive MidLife Coach & Founder of The Women In Business MidLife Club
Keeping Women In Business Through Change & Growth