Jackie Takes Back Control of her Hormones

Jackie talks about her menopause

Jackie Founder of Move Your Mood Yoga shares her experience of managing her hormones as a Business Woman…

I wasn’t aware of how the hormonal changes of menopause impact our sleep and I spent half of my time crying due to lack of sleep,”

Jackie shares how The Menopause Resilience Club™ has helped her build a strong body to manage her menopause…

“It has really helped me to take ownership giving me an inner and outer strength that is mine. I can have good days and bad but it doesn’t define me.”

Jackie goes onto share how she has built a strong business too,

I took courage in both hands and started my own business as a movement coach, helping other business women to work on their mindset by moving with Yoga. Through regaining my own self-confidence, I am able to help others to build theirs..”

Thank you Jackie for sharing your personal story to help other women share theirs. Read and watch her full story below.


Introducing The Menopause Resilience Club™ with trusted knowledge and experience developed by a Business Woman specifically for Business Women going through menopause. 

It’s a private professional place to meet like minded women who are going through the same challenges – it’s your personal workplace support.

The club teaches you to build a Strong Body to manage your menopause and provides a professional network to help you build a Strong Business too.

Learn more about The Menopause Resilience Club™ for Business Women who are SmartSassy and Stronger through menopause simply join our next Virtual Tour by clicking here.

Adelle Martin – Founder of The Menopause Resilience Club ™

Helping Business Women be Smart, Sassy & Stronger through Menopause

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