Is your body odour changing?

Executive Midlife Coach

Are you noticing a slightly different smell or more body odour than you have before? Do you feel uncomfortable in business meetings with hot flushes and additional sweating?

My Story

I noticed all of the above! As a consequence, I felt embarrassed and self-conscious both of which increased my stress levels.

If my stress levels increased in business meetings or conferences then so did my hot flushes! I just seemed to get hotter and more conscious of how I may have smelt. Having a handbag full of my favourite body sprays and wipes made me feel better equipped…

Why our body odour is changing?

There are a couple of explanations for changes or increases in our body odour. First, fluctuations in oestrogen can trigger hot flushes and night sweats. This means we simply sweat more, which in turn can result in more odour. Hormone fluctuations and body odour often go together.

Second, sweat caused by anxiety or stress is produced differently than sweat from exercise. Anxiety sweat is formed in the apocrine glands and is a sort of fatty sweat that bacteria love. Growth of this bacteria causes a different and often more pronounced body odour. Since both perimenopause and menopause can cause a rise in anxiety, these two often go hand in hand.

Unpleasant body odour can be a troublesome problem. It can cause embarrassment, reducing our self-esteem and confidence in both our business and personal lives. Fortunately, with diligence and good habits, its occurrence can be greatly minimised.

How to manage our body odour naturally

Simply put, lifestyle changes using my MidLife Resilience System can help us with any body odours.


  • Diet– Opt for a healthy diet of plant based proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs. Try to avoid food triggers, such as onion, garlic, red meat and spicy foods. This will reduce toxins that can cause additional sweating and intensify our body smell.
  • Wheat grass – Adding to our diet as the chlorophyll-rich food is “nature’s natural deodorant.
  • Phytoestrogens – These imitate oestrogen in the body helping eliminate body odours and can be found in flax seeds, soy and oats.
  • Zinc – This is needed for waste management and detoxification and can be found in spinach, nuts and seafood. Deficiency in zinc and Magnesium can be linked to excessive sweating and unpleasant body odours.
  • Water – Drink at least 2 litres a day and limit caffeine intake. This has the potential to make us sweat more.


  • Cleanse – Maintain good hygiene with natural deodorants and antibacterial soap to remove sweat and any odours.
  • Clothing – Wear loose fitting, breathable, natural fabrics, like cotton, wool and linen. This will allow sweat to evaporate quickly and to keep our body fresh.
  • Calm – Add regular 5 minute breaks into our business schedule to get in some movement to release your mind. Keeping calm will reduce the opportunity for triggering hot flushes.
  • Clarity – Reviewing our week ahead. Being organised will help reduce any unnecessary stress. Taking the pressure out of situations by being more prepared through planning and focus can help us think more clearly. Read my blog on Confidence for more MidLife-Mind solutions.


Therefore, it’s MidLife-Food: by taking care of ourselves and eating nutrient rich foods, resting well and moving our bodies, so they are fit and healthy. With MidLife-SelfCare: by implementing wholesome routines to help the body maintain optimal health and manage menopausal body odour changes with more ease.

It is so important to remember that as our bodies change, we need to change with them and embrace the journey we are on. Just sharing our experiences with other women can be reassuring.

Watch my Coaching Boosts on the Women in Business MidLife-Channel for more detail on the “40 things to accept over 40”.

Keeping You in Business through your PeriMenopause & Menopause Journey

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