Has your energy left the building?

One of the more common symptoms of menopause experienced by many women is fatigue. Your energy levels may feel like they have run out the door and slammed it.

Signs of menopausal fatigue can include decreased wakefulness, lowered attention span, mental fuzziness, irritability and memory lapses. As frightening as it may seem whilst you are experiencing these symptoms during menopause whilst juggling a busy career or business with family, there are things you can do to help yourself.

Extreme tiredness and fatigue can be due, in part to not getting enough quality sleep. Night sweats, stress and anxiety lead to light sleeping or just not getting enough sleep so you wake more tired than when you went to bed.

What can you do?

Taking a herbal supplement is one of the best ways to manage night sweats. Have a good bedtime routine where you go to bed at a similar time each night and make sure you relax before you get to bed. No looking at phones or computers, try picking up a book or settling in for a bedtime meditation. Help your mind relax before bed or have a warm bubble bath.

Your diet

Are you guilty of grabbing food on the run with your busy lifestyle? As we all lead busy lives, sometimes we don’t fuel ourselves correctly. Simply put you might not be eating enough or eating enough nutritionally sound foods to power you and your brain through the day.

If you’re already eating well, drinking plenty of water and still feeling tired, then look for something like a good female multivitamin.

Make sure you’re getting your iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium as well. The more different foods you eat on a daily basis, the bigger the range of vitamins and minerals that you’ll get, so don’t fall into the trap of eating the same foods every day.


Like it not, exercise is a key part of managing menopause. Try yoga, pilates, swimming and walking. Exercises that build strength and flexibility without stressing out those hormones.

Let’s tackle this stage of your life together – MenoGo not Menopause.


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