Brittle Nails and Our Hormonal Changes

Brittle Nails and Menopause

Brittle nails are one of the more surprising symptoms associated with menopause and they can affect a high proportion of women transitioning through PeriMenopause and Menopause.

Did you know that nails grow faster on the hand that is used most often.

While this condition may not cause medical problems, it can have a damaging affect on women’s self esteem, with 51% of women having reported that they take time away from their business or career due to PeriMenopausal and Menopausal symptoms.


Although I accepted most of my menopause symptoms I really did not expect my strong nails to become brittle causing them to break and split.

The more I tried to look after my nails the worse they seemed to look – so yes menopause can cause brittle nails!


Brittle nails is a condition where nails are weak and are prone to chipping and breaking.

Nails are made out of a hardened protein called keratin and fluctuations in our oestrogen levels can weaken the keratin layer so nails can break easily.

As oestrogen also assists with regulating water levels in our bodies, the lower hormone levels can cause dehydration.

With low oestrogen we cannot retain water as effectively as before. Dehydration affects our nails causing them to become dry, snap and flake.


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Your diet can have a positive impact on your nails so ensure you include the following.

  • Food – Eat foods containing Omega 3 essential fatty acids, like oily fish, almonds or avocado
  • Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D – Have sufficient magnesium and vitamin D in the diet to allow calcium absorption.
  • Protein – With every meal, is essential for boosting keratin, keeping nails strong and resilient
  • Zinc – This is required for the healthy growth of nails
  • Water – Keep hydrated and drink at least 2 litres a day


Like your skin refer to my previous blog, your nails need moisture. If your nails are submerged in water for a long time, they absorb a lot of water, then contract as they dry out, damaging your nails. This is worsened if you are using strong soap.

  • Moisturise – Use a moisturiser for hands and nails after washing them will help nourish them. Soak nails in almond oil to keep soft and supple as an extra treatment.
  • Wear Gloves – Protect hands as often as possible by using gloves for everyday household chores such as cleaning or washing up to avoid further damage from chemicals and harsh water. I put on hand cream before wearing my gloves for extra nourishment.
  • Nail Care – Do not use nail polish removers with acetone as they will dehydrate nails even further.


Brittle nails is a condition where nails are weak and are prone to chipping and breaking.

Impacts women who are going through the Menopause transition.

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