Breaking The Menopause Bias

Business Women

Breaking The Menopause Bias on International Women’s Day to celebrate women’s achievement and raise awareness of the impact of menopause on Business Women.

Why are we passionate about breaking the menopause bias?

  • 100% of Women go through menopause – it’s not optional
  • 90% of Women say their menopause symptoms impact them to varying degrees
  • 51% of Women take time out of their business or career due to their symptoms
  • 32% of Women unnecessarily sell their business or leave their career as the impact of their symptoms become too much to manage along with everything else

Introducing the Business Women from The Menopause Resilience Club™ who are going to tell you how they are going to break the bias on International Women’s Day…

Watch Jackie, Joanna, Charlie, Juliet, Fiona, Helen, Natalie and Sadie challenge the Menopause Bias by sharing their stories this week to help other women share their story.

We are Breaking The Bias in The Menopause Resilience Club™ by helping Business Women Be Smart, Sassy & Stronger through Menopause so they do not have to take time out of their business or sell their business due to menopause.

Thank you for sharing your personal stories to help other women share their story to help #BreakTheBias around menopause.

Learn more about how The Menopause Resilience Club™ is helping Business Women Be Smart, Sassy and Stronger through Menopause…

Adelle Martin – Executive MidLife Coach and Founder of The Menopause Resilience System™