Are your confidence levels fluctuating?

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Do your confidence levels fluctuate and change daily? Managing our menopausal symptoms alongside leading our business can cause fluctuations in our confidence levels.

This makes our usual daily activities feel overwhelming from leading our business to routine meetings. We normally take these in our stride plus more – so why does it feel so overwhelming now!


I noticed my confidence levels changing on a daily basis although I never suffered with issues in confidence before. So this was particularly concerning as I was leading a team and my role had significant responsibilities.

Although my sudden lack of confidence was a cause of concern, the consequences were far more reaching. I did not connect my change in confidence along with anxiety to the menopause.

I just kept saying to myself “push through” and you will be fine! But I was not “fine” and ended up making myself ill and this resulted in me taking time away from my role so I could understand why I felt so overwhelmed.

During my time away from the office I was diagnosed as early menopausal at the age of 41. It all started to make perfect sense when I researched the science to understand how my body was changing due to the menopause.

I understood for the first time why my confidence levels were fluctuating along with all the other symptoms I was experiencing. So finally I realised it was not me but how “me” was responding to my menopause symptoms!

As I understood what was happening to me I could turn my unexpected early menopause into an opportunity. I created my MidLife Resilience System so I could understand my changing MidLife Body and manage my menopause with confidence alongside leading my business and corporate career.


Anxiety, depression, and mood swings are known symptoms of our fluctuating hormones. These are part of our larger conversation as we explore those “40 things to accept over 40” each week in my blog and Women in Business MidLife Channel Masterclass videos.

The consequences of all these symptoms compounded can honestly be the hardest to deal with. It is our loss of confidence and self-esteem that leads to our insecurities building inside of us. All of this can take over our life without us even realising it!

Read my blog on mood swings for more detail on how our oestrogen levels impact our brain.


Using my MidLife Resilience System will help us to manage our fluctuating confidence levels as we move through our menopause. The key pillars are MidLife-Body, MidLife-Mind and MidLife-Relationships.


  • Food – Eat regularly, with no more than 4 hours between each meal. If blood sugar levels drop or fluctuate this can increase our stress levels impacting the function of our adrenal glands and endocrine system.
  • Move – Daily movement will stimulate our “happy” hormones as well as stabilise our nervous system and get our other bodily systems working efficiently.
  • Sleep – Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night to rejuvenate and repair our body. It is important that we feel stronger as we move through our menopause.

Read my blog on MidLife Weight Management for more details.


  • Calm – Reduce stress and create time for ourselves to feel more grounded.
  • Clarity – Drink at least 2 litres of water a day as our brains need it to function efficiently and clear our “brain fog”. It is important that we can think clearly to help manage our confidence.

Read my blog on Anxiety and Mindset for more details.


  • You – Have a hot bath, massage, facial or anything that make us feel better to boost our serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine levels.
  • Others – Talk to people we trust explaining how the menopause is impacting us. Share the science explaining “it’s not you, it’s the impact of your fluctuating hormones on you”. When sharing the science with the people closest to me they started to understand what I was going through!


We are evolving mentally and physically with our fluctuating hormones and changing bodies. This means instead of our menopause just happening to us we have the opportunity to understand the science and symptoms. We can manage our symptoms making informed choices so we can lead our business and careers with confidence. On most days!

In summary follow the MidLife Resilience System pillars above, so we Feel Stronger, can Think Clearly and Manage Relationships including the one with ourselves.


If you are struggling with your menopause symptoms alongside leading your business then book a complimentary coaching session with me.

I specialise in coaching MidLife Women in Business to understand and manage their changing bodies and menopause alongside leading and building their business.      

Simply, I’m “The MidLife Body and Business Coach” to make it easier for you to make both a priority!

Set the timer and take a 5 minute break to book yourself into my diary today.


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