Stress Incontinence and Our Hormonal Changes

Stress incontinence and menopause

As we approach PeriMenopause and Menopause, we tend to be faced with a variety of changes and one of these is that the frequency of urinary incontinence tends to increase.

The loss of control can be very minor, where we might only leak a few drops of urine when we laugh, exercise, cough, or pick up heavy objects. Or we might experience a sudden urge to urinate and be unable to keep it in before reaching the toilet. Not much fun when trying to manage your business!

Did you know that more than 40% of women transitioning through their Menopause journey suffer with this condition.

For some women, this can dramatically impact their day to day life, with 51% of women having reported that they take time away from their business or career due to PeriMenopausal and Menopausal symptoms.


Myself, plus lots of women I talk to have experienced midlife stress incontinence as a result of childbirth. We did not expect a form of this incontinence to resurface around our menopause.

This is especially challenging when we are busy leading our businesses alongside our menopause!


There are two main types of urinary incontinence associated with menopause:

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence – where we may leak urine when our bladder is put under pressure such as when you cough, sneeze or exercise.
  • Overactive Bladder – this is usually caused by some kind of irritation to the bladder and causes symptoms of urgency and/or frequency.

Our menopause hormone changes affect our muscle strength in the pelvic region. Therefore, urinary incontinence is more common in women who are pregnant, giving birth, or going through menopause.

Oestrogen helps keep our bladder and urethra healthy and functioning properly. As we near menopause, our oestrogen levels begin dropping.

This lack of oestrogen may cause our pelvic muscles to weaken. With the loss of muscle we may no longer be able to control our bladder as we did before.


Using my My MidLife Resilience System© will help you regain control over your health. Above all, it will give you the tools to feel empowered as we move through our PeriMenopause and Menopause transition.


  • Fruit & Veg – Eat bladder friendly food, like pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, eggs and lean protein
  • Irritants – Avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, chocolate, tomatoes and citrus fruits as these can actively irritate the bladder
  • Water – Drinking too much fluid can make you urinate more, try drinking at least 2 litres across the day. Green tea and cranberry juice is also good for reducing bladder inflammation


  • Strength Training – Pelvic floor and Core exercises are vital to build muscle in this area. These exercises involve squeezing and relaxing the muscles in your pelvic region to strengthen them. This will help you develop better bladder control
  • Steps/Walking – To help with overall weight management and reduce pressure on the bladder. Read my blog on MidLife Weight Gain for more details.
  • Sleep – Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night to allow your body to repair and restore itself as this is when the “magic happens”


As we near menopause, our oestrogen levels begin dropping, causing our pelvic muscles to weaken. With the loss of muscle we may no longer be able to control our bladder as we did before.

More than 40% of women transitioning through their Menopause journey suffer with this condition.

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