Are you experiencing electric shocks?

Executive Midlife Coach

Did you know that experiencing increased “electric shocks” is a menopause symptom? So those occasional ‘electric shocks’ we get from coming into contact with certain objects are amplified during menopause.


I always had electric shocks even as a child, as I moved into my menopause they become more regular! From touching light switches, opening the car door and from touching people.


Our body is chock-full of oestrogen receptors including our central nervous system. This is why menopause has so many symptoms and affects so much of our body. With this symptom menopause can be shocking as our hormones fluctuate!

Oestrogen works with our central nervous system to send messages along the nerves to the brain. When our hormones are fluctuating, signals can get crossed, amplified and even distorted. This causes the sensation of a shock or tingle.

The increased levels of anxiety and stress we may experience in menopause, has been linked to the likelihood and severity of them occurring.


Using my MidLife Resilience System will help us to manage our electric shocks as we move through our menopause. The key elements used are food, movement and self-care.


Eating a varied diet containing healthy foods is key to supporting our nervous system. Read my blog MidLife Weight Gain for more detail on my MidLife-Food principles.

  • Food – Eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients helps support a healthy functioning nervous system. Foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B & E, are good at keeping our nervous system in check.
  • Phytoestrogenic foods – Add chickpeas, soybeans, flax seeds, dried apricots and dates, red clover, green tea, black liquorice, as these may help with electric shocks.
  • Caffeine & alcohol – Limit intake as both have a negative impact on our nervous system and can make electric shocks feel worse.
  • Water – Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres a day. This will help our body carry out its functions effectively.


It is important that we are moving throughout the day to keep our nervous system functioning. I set a timer when I am working or sitting for long periods of time to remind me to move! I get moving by using three of my “MidLife-Move 4’s”.

  • Steps and Shimmy – Regular exercise helps to stabilise your nervous system and is great for blood circulation.
  • Stretching – Less vigorous movement before bed will help calm the body and mind.


Along with MidLife-Food and MidLife-Move reducing stress and anxiety are key to supporting your nervous system. Read my blog on Anxiety and Mindset for more detail on MidLife-Calm principle.

  • Sleep – Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night is important so our body can recover and rejuvenate. Feeling rested and refreshed when we wake.
  • Sunlight – Provides us with our Vitamin D and is also great at regulating the nervous system.


So in summary, it’s MidLife-Food by getting the right nutrients in the right amounts so your body works properly, rests well, and heals. MidLife-Move by moving regularly through the day and avoiding sitting for long periods. With MidLife-SelfCare by ensuring more sleep and less stress will help us keep those “electric shocks” to a minimum.


If you are struggling with your menopause symptoms alongside leading your business then book a complimentary coaching session with me.

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