Are mood swings spoiling your day?

Executive Midlife Coach

Recent studies show that mood swings affect 27% of menopausal women. From the women in business I talk to daily it feels higher! These can feel like a more extreme version of the mood swings you may have experienced during your periods.


I struggled to understand why I did’t feel like myself anymore! I would swing from happy to sad, cuddle to kill and coach to criticise. This was not me at all.

My early menopause pushed me into this vicious MidLife-Mood cycle! Which at the age of 41 took me on a learning journey to understand why this was happening to me.


Science shows that once again it is down to the decline and fluctuation of oestrogen and progesterone as we move through our menopause.

Oestrogen helps to regulate several hormones, which have mood-boosting properties. These include:

  • serotonin
  • norepinephrine
  • dopamine

Fluctuations in our oestrogen levels can also cause episodes of memory loss, brain fog and lack of concentration. This may add to our frustrations, negatively affecting mood.

This means that keeping ourself happy is more difficult as we move through menopause. By recognising our triggers will help us to manage our mood swings better (on most days) much to relief of the people around us!


Using my MidLife Resilience System will help us to manage our mood swings as move through our menopause. The key elements used are food, movement and self-care.


Eating a varied diet containing healthy foods is key for our mood as it is for our bodies.

MidLife-Food is fundamental to maintaining a healthy “MidLife Mind-Body Loop” as it impacts our mood and cognitive function. So that is why we feel better after eating a protein-rich salad than you would rushing for sugary processed food.

  • Food – Eat a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, include lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fibre filled whole-grains.
  • Sugar, caffeine & alcohol – Limit intake as they act as triggers for mood swings by increasing cortisol impacting our “MidLife Mind-Body Loop”.
  • Water – Drink 2 litres of fluid a day. Our brains need it to function and clear “brain fog”.

Read my blog MidLife Weight Gain for more detail on my MidLife-Food principles.


Movement releases dopamine the happy hormone! It is important that we are moving throughout the day to keep our mood boosting hormones balanced. When I notice a MidLife-Mood trigger I get moving by using two of my “MidLife-Move 4’s

  • Steps – Movement throughout the day is a happy hormone producer.
  • Shimmy – To have fun and boost positivity.

Read my blog MidLife Weight Gain for more detail on my MidLife-Move principles.


Along with MidLife-Food and MidLife-Move avoiding stress and getting a good night sleep are also key to keeping your mood boosting hormones happy.

  • Sleep – Lack of sleep will impact our low moods. Aim to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Calm – Focus on reducing stress. We need to create space for ourselves by planning self-care time into our busy diaries. This can be anything that allows you to create space for yourself to stop and reflect.

Read my blog on Anxiety and Mindset for more detail on MidLife-Calm principle.


So in summary, it’s MidLife-Food by eating healthy, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding sugary foods! MidLife-Move by moving when you notice a trigger and avoiding sitting through it! With MidLife-SelfCare by ensuring more sleep and less stress will help us avoid mood swings spoiling our very busy days!


If you are struggling with menopause symptoms alongside leading your business then book a complimentary coaching session with me.

I specialise in coaching MidLife Women in Business to understand and manage their changing bodies and menopause alongside leading and building their business.      

Simply, I’m “The MidLife Body and Business Coach” to make it easier for you to make both a priority!

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