My MidLife Story

I’m Adelle Martin Executive MidLife Coach and Founder of the Women in Business MidLife Club. I started my company after leaving my 30-year corporate career working in financial services as an HR Professional in February 2020.

I had an early menopause aged 40, eight years ago at a key point in my career that I had studied and worked so hard for. At the time I was misdiagnosed with anxiety and stress due to my workload combined with the challenges of family life.

Not happy with the diagnosis I pushed hard explaining it’s more than stress as I have always been known as Ms Resilient! So why this time when I got knocked down, did I not get back up again. …. I was confused and exhausted by the experience so took four months off work to understand what happened to me so I could get stronger and back to my well-deserved career.

Working with my GP we finally established that I had gone through an early menopause which could have been accelerated due to the level of stress I was under at the time. I was told that I may have to choose between my career and body If I wanted to “get through it”. I was never going to make a choice after investing so much in both my career and body – Why should I just because of the menopause!

So, turning my situation into an opportunity I embarked on my quest to fully understand why my body was changing and how I could manage these changes. As I progressed with the research, I realised that I had actually experienced a significant number of changes. I established there were actually “40 things to accept over 40” which finally took a toll on my body, mind, relationships and career. Through my research I quickly realised I was not alone as:
· 90% of Women say their perimenopause and menopause symptoms impact them to varying degrees
· 51% taking time out of their business or corporate roles
· 32% consider leaving their career or selling their business impacting them financially
· 75% say there is little help which is confusing and conflicting causing more frustrations!

With this realisation I extended my research to find solutions that would help me and other women to manage the symptoms alongside our business or career. But more importantly I did not want another woman in business to go through what I did!

The results from months of research – I created my MidLife Resilience System to “Keep MidLife Women in Business through Change & Growth”. I applied my resilience system to strengthen my body so I could get back to my career.

I continued to use and refine my MidLife Resilience System during my corporate career including coaching other women in business and corporates as a “side hustle”. My approach worked and I have been able to coach many women to have a strong body alongside leading their business or career.

As I approached my 50th birthday in 2020 “my present” was to have the opportunity to coach women in business full time! So, I left the City in February 2020 and created the Women in Business MidLife Club for both women in business and corporates.

I wanted a Caring place where women can Connect, receive Coaching using my MidLife Resilience System and receive clear Communication on the PeriMenopause and Menopause journey – so they can Feel Stronger, Think Clearly, Manage Relationships and Lead their Business or Career – On most days!

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