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Coaching MidLife Women in Business to understand & manage their body changes & menopause symptoms alongside leading their business

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Adelle Helen Martin
Executive MidLife Coach
Founder of Women in Business MidLife Club

Designed for MidLife Women in Business

When we pass the age of 40 our hormonal fluctuations start and we should expect our bodies to change as we move through our Perimenopause and Menopause stages of Midlife!

From my own experience and talking to many women we are confused about what to expect as we move into our 40’s, we often miss the not so obvious symptoms like muscle loss and osteoporosis. It’s not all hot flushes, low moods or sleepless nights, we need to be prepared for how our mind, body & emotions change.

I coach Midlife Women in Business to understand and manage their changing bodies and menopause with confidence alongside building their business and enjoying family life.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you just surviving life & business challenges?

You just don’t feel 100% and all those life and business challenges you used to face with tenacity are simply more of a struggle whether that is because of an inability to focus, aches and pains, lack of quality sleep or more debilitating changes.

Are you focussing on everyone but yourself?

As a Executive or Senior Women in Business, we are so used to keeping so many balls in the air in every aspect of our lives. Whether that is as a mother, wife, daughter, business owner or executive it is in our very nature to ensure everyone else is looked after but where does that leave us?

Are you struggling with things that used to be easy?

Juggling more than a full day in our career or business with family, partnership and community commitments was something you used to breeze through daily with confidence. Now there is barely time to finish projects, let alone thinking of adding time in for self care and personal development.

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